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3D models for Distillation Columns

We believe the future will be with 3D modeling. Recent technology and those in development seem set to become game changers in the world of 3D modelling


Every body will understand the same thing. Better preparation of the shutdown. Less surprise during the turnaround.


3D modeling will help to have a better visual representation of a confined space before sending workers into the site. A 3D model can reduce the amount of time those workers spend exposed to risk


Help your process engineer to better understand your gamma scanning and take the best decision to improve your unit.

We have more than 30 years of experience in column internals.

We provide models with all components including fastening. A complete part-list can be extracted.

3D modeling


Easy to share with others, an AVI or MP4 file can be read by all.


Use Quick Look to display USDZ file of virtual objects in 3D or AR on iPhone and iPad.

AR Quick Look

Augmented Reality

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